The Karate Shrimp Podcast

#5 - Love Handles Don't Matter in Martial Arts

October 22, 2022 Sabrina Bliem Episode 5
The Karate Shrimp Podcast
#5 - Love Handles Don't Matter in Martial Arts
The Karate Shrimp Podcast
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Show Notes

Something I adore about karate is that we never ever have discussions about how our bodies look underneath our uniforms. We don’t sit around the dojo and talk about how to get rid of cellulite or love handles. Our focus in martial arts is far more on the incredible things we can do with our bodies, rather than on whether we look good naked. Join me in a discussion of the toxic side of fitness culture on social media, and on how it can negatively impact our body image. And on how karate and other martial arts rise above this superficial view, and instead celebrate the human body for the amazing and beautiful thing that it actually is.


Thank you for joining me on my martial arts journey, and in the exploration of all the ways we can perform better in life and martial arts.


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