The Karate Shrimp Podcast

#1 - Welcome to The Karate Shrimp Podcast

September 30, 2022 Sabrina Bliem Episode 1
The Karate Shrimp Podcast
#1 - Welcome to The Karate Shrimp Podcast
The Karate Shrimp Podcast
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Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of The Karate Shrimp Podcast.

In this episode, you learn about me (Sabrina Bliem) and my background, and how I started my martial arts journey in my 40s as an outlet for grief over my mom’s cancer diagnosis. We discuss the topics you can expect to learn about on this show, and how the various aspects of our lives (our diet, sleep, recovery, conditioning, mindset, etc.) impact our martial arts training and performance. We talk about imposter syndrome and procrastination, and the lessons I learned in being a white belt. And finally, we discuss the value in taking imperfect action, even if we don’t feel good enough or never feel ready.


Thank you for joining me on my martial arts journey, and in the exploration of all the ways we can perform better in life and martial arts.

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